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October 2009                                                                                                                         Volume 3, Number 7


In This Issue

·     3 Reasons Windows 7 is Not for Everybody

·     How to Become an E-mail Ninja

·     Copying Categories between Computers

·     OH NO! I just permanently deleted the wrong file!

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3 Reasons Windows 7 is Not for Everybody

So far our experience with Windows 7 has been very positive and it is safe to say that this version of Windows will have a much better acceptance rate than Vista.  Even so, it is important to think carefully about upgrading your operating system, so this month’s edition of The Outlook Expert focuses on Windows 7 so you can make an informed decision.

The Pros and Cons of Switching to Windows 7
This article by Woody Leonhard is from the highly informative Windows Secrets web site and lists the 3 reasons Windows 7 is not for everybody:

1.       If your PC isn’t up to snuff, fuhgeddaboutit!

2.       If your hardware or software demands XP, stick with that OS

3.       Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke

This article also lists 8 good reasons to migrate to Windows 7:

1.       Windows 7 is easier on the eyes

2.       The Action Center puts all the nags in one place

3.       Win7’s security is stronger and less intrusive

4.       You can make a movie of what ails your PC

5.       Search works – finally!

6.       You get better control of your devices

7.       Win7 Libraries beat out My Documents any day

8.       HomeGroup makes sharing safe, fast and fun

Check out the full article for more information on each of these topics.

Here are some more links to reviews and other useful Windows 7 information:

Windows 7: Review Roundup

Windows 7 Review: You Can Quit Complaining Now by Gizmodo

Windows 7 Review by Engadget

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Review by CNET

Windows 7 Review by PCWorld

How to Install Windows 7

MicrosoftHelps Twitter Account


How to Become an E-mail Ninja

From 43 Folders:

“Here are a few of my favorite (and the site’s most popular) posts on that heated topic of email – how to better deal with email as a recipient, and how to improve the lives of others as a better sender. Email is a subject that invigorates (and occasionally infuriates) me, so get ready for plenty more in the future. But if you’re one of the seemingly innumerable people who’s snowed under by email or unsure how to deal with it at a responsible level, flip through a few of these oldies, and see if any ideas jump out at you.”

Copying Categories between Computers

The categories feature in Microsoft Outlook can make it easier to locate specific items as well as help you to organize your Outlook information. Unfortunately how Outlook implements this feature has changed with each release, and in Outlook 2007 it really changed!  This becomes a problem if you want to move to a new computer or if you want to implement a standard for categorization for a group of users that work together. Here is a link to an article that discusses Microsoft Outlook Categories and provides step-by-step instructions from Slipstick.

OH NO! I just permanently deleted the wrong file!

There are few things worse than the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you delete the wrong file by mistake and for some reason it is not in the recycle bin, either because it was too big or because you not only deleted the file, but also emptied the recycle bin!  Fortunately there are a number of FREE utilities that will allow you to undelete a deleted file:


Glary Utilities

Includes a ton of utilities in addition to an undelete utility.  Highly recommended!



From the makers of CCleaner, the “number 1 tool for cleaning your PC.”



Recovers file from reformatted or badly formatted drives.  Even can recover from drives with bad sectors since it bypasses the Windows file system and reads your drives directly.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
While you have to part with some money, our partner IT Edge thinks this one “rocks!”


OnTrack Data Recovery
Another IT Edge recommendation for those who have corrupted hard drives.



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