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September 2010                                                                                                                                Volume 4, Number 4


In This Issue

·     Upgrading to Outlook 2010

·     Office Service Packs

·     NEW TeamScope CRM 5.1

·     NEW Contacts Scrubber 4.0

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Upgrading to Outlook 2010



It has been a few months since Microsoft released Office 2010, so you may be considering upgrading.  To help you with that decision and the upgrade process, we have collected some web links that address various questions and issues that may arise.


Outlook 2010 New Features and TWC-MYN Conversion Guide

From Michael Linenberger, the author of Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook.


Upgrading to Outlook 2010

This comprehensive guide from HowTo-Outlook contains the information you will need to make your Outlook 2010 upgrade as smooth as possible.


Determine when to install Outlook 2010

From Microsoft’s TechNet web site.


Outlook 2010

This link includes a list of issues with Outlook 2010 from SlipStick.


The official blog of the Microsoft Outlook product team

While there has not been a posting since April 2010, this blog contains information on issues that arose during testing and will probably come to life as the release date of the Office 2010 Service Pack 1 nears.


Installing, Upgrading, and Activating Microsoft Office Products

This forum is from  which provides a lot of great information from Office experts.


But should you upgrade?  There are various opinions on that subject too!


Microsoft Office 2010 not yet worth the upgrade

Office 2010: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Outlook 2010 a sturdy upgrade


Office Service Packs

Maybe you want to stick with an older release of Microsoft Office, but are not on the very latest service pack.  Here is a handy table from with links to all of them:

Download Locations for Microsoft Office Service Packs

Office Version

Service Pack

Size (MB)


Office 2010


Not Released




Not Released


Office 2007




Office 2003




Office XP




Office 2000




Note that if Microsoft repeats its past service pack release cycles, we can expect the first service pack for Office 2010 around the middle of next year.

NEW TeamScope CRM 5.1

TeamScope is proud to announce the release of TeamScope CRM 5.1.  The most significant feature of this release is support for Outlook 2010, including support for the new Ribbon interface in the main Outlook window:

A complete list of all changes made to TeamScope CRM and all other TeamScope products can be found here:

TeamScope CRM 5.1 is available for download from our website:

NEW Contacts Scrubber 4.0

And if you have not noticed this in the last two newsletters, we have also released a new version of Contacts Scrubber for Outlook that supports Outlook 2010.

New Features


Support for Outlook 2010


Creates backup copy of all contacts


Enhanced Outlook integration features


Improved user interface


Additional filtering options


Automatic product update


New Outlook toolbar and ribbon bar

Click here to find out what’s new in Contacts Scrubber 4.0!

You can download the new release of Contacts Scrubber for Outlook by filling in this form:

Contacts Scrubber for Outlook 4.0 Download

And the download link will be automatically e-mailed to you.

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