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DataLink™ for

DataLink™ for Outlook®

(formerly OAXfer)

Transfer or Synchronize your Outlook Data with Other Systems
DataLink™ for Outlook® allows you to easily perform data transfer and synchronization between your Outlook information and any Access/SQL/ODBC database. DataLink™ for Outlook® enables your organization to effortlessly integrate Outlook with existing business information. The product operates on any Outlook form, built-in or custom, and it supports all Outlook field types. You can use DataLink™ for Outlook® with any Outlook folder, whether a private folder or an Exchange Public Folder.  Note: This product is also available as part of the TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® Power Pack.
View a Flash-based presentation that shows DataLink™ for Outlook® in action.
DataLink™ for Outlook® Features
  • Supports one-time transfer or ongoing synchronization of data
  • Move data in either or both directions: Access-to-Outlook and Outlook-to-Access
  • Supports both built-in and custom Outlook fields
  • Works with all Outlook/Exchange information stores, including Exchange Public Folders
  • Understands specialized Outlook fields, such as the Contact Links collection and Appointment recurrence collection
  • Supports all Outlook data types, including multi-valued Keywords fields and Attachments
  • Leverages Microsoft Access to support mapping to virtually any data source, such as SQL or Oracle (ODBC)
  • Allows for automatic Access table and field creation based on Outlook field selection
  • Supports the definition and saving of multiple data transfer mappings
  • Full command line support. Transfers can be run automatically on a timed basis
  • Supports both the sending and receiving of mass mailings from a database

DataLink™ for Outlook® Resources

  Download the DataLink™ for Outlook® Reference Guide

DataLink™ for Outlook® Editions


Max #








  • Max # Records: The maximum number of records/items that can be transferred or synchronized between an Outlook folder and an Access (ODBC) table.
Technical Requirements - DataLink™ for Outlook®
  • Windows Version: Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Outlook Version: All versions of Outlook and Access are supported. We can only provide limited support for releases of Outlook and Access that are no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: All versions of Microsoft Exchange Server
NOTE: Only U.S. English implementations of Windows, Outlook, and Exchange are officially supported; however, we have users successfully running our software in other-language installations.