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Extensions Library™ for Outlook®

Developer Toolkit for Outlook
The Extensions Library™ for Outlook® is an object-based toolkit that provides a developer with a robust set of objects and methods to support you in delivering complex applications to your users. While Microsoft Outlook provides an attractive form-based environment for developing collaborative end-user applications, the base functionality can sometimes be insufficient to deliver sophisticated, real-world solutions. The Library turns Outlook into a true productivity tool, allowing a developer to provide real business solutions without having to 'reinvent the wheel'.
The Extensions Library is not sold as a separate product but is included as a part of both TeamWork Workflow and the TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® Power Pack.
NEW: Extensions Library 4.0
This version adds many new features including:

Support for Outlook 2003
No more Outlook security pop-ups
Optional support for XML format configuration items
New Publisher application (can also be used with TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook®)
Grid control now supports its own events - this means faster, more efficient
     operation and easier to program
Many Calendar control enhancements: fully resizable, supports time-of-day, 
     includes smart editor, supports multiple date/time formats including non-US
The Library is packaged as an ActiveX DLL, along with several ActiveX controls. Its objects and methods are called directly from your Outlook forms, using the standard VBScript language contained within the form. Using the Extensions Library in your forms means:
  • The applications you provide to your users are greatly enhanced in functionality
  • The amount of program code needed in your Outlook forms is dramatically reduced
  • The reliability of the solutions you deliver is vastly improved because you are taking advantage of proven, time-tested components developed by experts in the field
Technical Requirements - Extensions Library™ for Outlook®
  • Windows Version: Windows 7, Windows Vista and WIndows XP
  • Outlook Version: Outlook 2000 (requires Corporate/Workgroup mode), Outlook 2002, or Outlook 2003. Outlook Express is not supported.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: All versions of Microsoft Exchange Server (including Exchange running in a hosted ASP environment)
NOTE: Only U.S. English implementations of Windows, Outlook, and Exchange are officially supported; however, we have users successfully running our software in other-language installations.