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TeamWork Workflow™

The Workflow Product Built Exclusively for Microsoft Outlook®

Effectively manage your business processes using the familiar Microsoft Outlook and Exchange environment you already know and use every day.
With TeamWork Workflow™, your team's workflows are fully centralized. No more hunting around to determine who has what piece of a project, or wondering if a given task has been completed or not. 
NEW: TeamWork 6.0 is now available!

The most powerful Outlook-based workflow solution is now even better! TeamWork 6.0 adds many new features and improvements including:

Support for Outlook 2013, 2010, and 2007
Improved hyperlinks to eliminate security pop-ups
Improved Workflow Designer
Support for foreign laguage Public Folder names
TeamWork Workflow™ Features
TeamWork Workflow™ allows you to take full advantage of the Microsoft Outlook environment to centrally manage your business processes. All workflow items are stored in Microsoft Exchange public folders; as a workflow travels through each of its steps, the appropriate users can access all of the latest information needed for them to complete their portion of the project.
Graphically Design Your Workflow for Small and Large Projects.
TeamWork Workflow™ allows you to easily define the operation and routing of your workflows using the built-in graphical Workflow Designer. Simply drag and drop boxes to create a flow’s steps. Draw lines to connect steps together, defining the routing. Fill in step properties to complete the process definition.
Leverage Microsoft Exchange’s Public Folders to Centralize Your Data.
Your workflow items reside in a Microsoft Exchange public folder. As an item travels through each of its steps, the appropriate users receive in their Inboxes a message containing a pointer (shortcut) to the original public folder item. As a result, the workflow item itself -- and the latest information contained within it -- is always instantly accessible to all authorized users.
Utilize Outlook Forms to Provide a Common “Look and Feel” for Users.
Because TeamWork Workflow™ forms are Outlook custom forms, you are providing users with “look and feel” that they normally experience within the Microsoft product suite.
Integrate TeamWork Workflow™ Seamlessly with Your Other Enterprise Systems.
TeamWork Workflow™ includes a set of tools to enable integration with other "traditional" (non-Exchange/Outlook) systems such as databases (ODBC) and simple mail (SMTP) systems.
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Technical Requirements - TeamWork Workflow™
  • Windows Version: Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.
  • Outlook Version: Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: All versions of Microsoft Exchange Server (including Exchange running in a hosted ASP environment)
NOTE: Only U.S. English implementations of Windows, Outlook, and Exchange are officially supported; however, we have users successfully running our software in other-language installations.