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Contacts Scrubber  
FOR Outlook®

Contacts Scrubber for Outlook®

   Clean Up Your Outlook Duplicate Contacts
Contacts Scrubber for Outlook®  easily removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook Contacts folders. Scrubber works by comparing all of your Outlook Contacts, looking for possible duplicate items. As it finds these potential duplicates, it presents them to you one at a time via an intuitive interface, displaying field-by-field comparisons of the contact data, and proposing a logical way to merge this data into a single contact item. You may then merge the contacts by either accepting Scrubber's proposed merge, or you can select which values to used on a field-by-field basis in the merged contact item. Great for eliminating duplicate Outlook Contacts created by your  BlackBerry or iPhone.

"Your software works great!  I was formerly a Palm user with 10+ years of contacts on my PDA, and then I moved to an iPhone.  What a mess!  While I am sure the iPhone integrates well with Mac software, for me, a Windows PC user, the path from Palm via Outlook to iPhone was very painful. I tried a few other software products that said they cleaned up Outlook Contacts, but they really just deleted duplicates and I needed to merge all the contact info in my Contacts, and Contacts Scrubber for Outlook worked beautifully."
Dale Bailey
University of Sydney

The free  version of Contacts Scrubber gives you all of the basic capabilities you need to eliminate duplicates from your Outlook Contacts, and can process up to 100 contact items.
The licensed version of Contacts Scrubber, available for purchase via our online store, provides you with these additional capabilities:
  • Process an unlimited number of items
  • Create user-defined duplicate definitions
  • Automated duplicate removal
  • Scrub across two Contact folders
  • Scrub and Merge Contacts from within Outlook
  • Create back-up copies of all updated Contacts
Note: The full Registered version of this product is also available as part of the TeamScope CRM for Outlook® Power Pack.

For some valuable information about how to evaluate and choose an Outlook Contacts de-dupe utility, please see our article: Outlook Contacts de-duplicators: 5 key things to look for.

Technical Requirements - Contacts Scrubber for Outlook®
  • Windows Version: Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 
  • Outlook Version: Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server: All versions of Microsoft Exchange Server

NOTE: Only U.S. English implementations of Windows, Outlook, and Exchange are officially supported; however, we have users successfully running our software in other-language installations.

IMPORTANT: Your PC must be set up to retrieve e-mail using Outlook in order to run Contacts Scrubber for Outlook®. If you use another application for e-mail and use Outlook only to manage Contacts, you will not be able to run Scrubber.