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TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook®

TeamScope CRM™: The first Outlook CRM solution
                                    with True Outlook Integration

With TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook®, you never have to leave Outlook to keep up to date on your customers. This means no external database headaches, and no problems when working offline. Every contact you make, every activity you perform, every task you assign is automatically available in Outlook. This is because TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® works within Outlook, storing all customer information in the Outlook Contact, Task, Appointment and Journal entries you use every day!

What's in TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® 6.0
Here is just a sample of the many features that you will find in TeamScope CRM™ for OutlookŪ 6.0:

Automatic E-mail Processing
TeamScope CRM™ for OutlookŪ 6.0 fully integrates with Outlook’s e-mail features, so you do not have to change how you use Outlook! With TeamScope CRM, when you send an e-mail, TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® automatically asks if you want to share the message with your team through the central TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® folders.

Shared E-mail History folder
A full and exact copy of each e-mail is stored in the new TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook®  E-Mail History folder. This public folder functions like your own personal Sent Items folder, but shows all messages for your entire team, with each individually linked to its primary Contact and Company records.
Synchronization with your PDA or mobile phone
By automatically synchronizing customer information stored in the TeamScope CRM folders with your Personal Folders in Outlook, you can use the synchronization software provided included with your PDA or mobile phone to maintain your CRM information when you are on the go.
Opportunity Manager
TeamScope CRM provides a powerful set of tools to easily manage relationships between various items in Outlook,  relationships that form the foundation of Opportunity or Project Management.  These relationships are available across all levels in Outlook and can be tailored to suit your needs.
Outlook Cached Mode support
You can have offline performance with online updates via Outlook’s Cached Exchange Mode and your TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® public folders. Using this new mode, TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook® is currently supporting thousands of simultaneous distributed users – a truly scalable CRM solution!
Secure Workgroups
Used in conjunction with Exchange public folder security, this feature allows you to establish several independent workgroups so that unauthorized users in one group cannot see information in the others.
Custom forms for many business processes
TeamScope CRM 6.0 includes many sample custom forms including forms for customer service requests, purchase orders, document review and vacation requests. These forms can also be workflow-enabled through TeamScope’s optional TeamWork Workflow™ product.
Mail Merge
You can send e-mails to thousands with TeamScope CRM 6.0’s Mail Merge feature, without leaving Outlook!

TeamScope CRM™ for Outlook®'sTrue Outlook Integration™ delivers many exciting new features to increase your productivity, so you don't have to change how you work to get your work done!

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